Monday, December 14, 2009

Where THEY want to go

Anyone who harbors any illusions about socialized medicine, which is what the liberals are trying to bring to America, should read this piece by a doctor, posted on American Thinker.
The story is much the same anywhere it has been tried: rationing, higher costs, lower quality.
Even worse are the two examples she gives from France.
"For economic expediency and with government approval, units of blood contaminated with HIV were transfused into over 4,400 patients, who were later confirmed to develop AIDS."
In 2003, more than 11,000 people died during two weeks of 104-degree heat.
"The overburdened, ill-equipped health care system -- particularly for elderly victims -- was blamed in part for this tragedy. Overwhelmed hospitals stopped admitting patients. Ambulance services told patients to cope wherever they were. French citizens died in hotels, in apartments, and in nursing homes. Some died on the street."
There are reasons why a majority of Americans oppose this plan. It's just that the Old Media don't want you to know what they are.

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