Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hold that Tiger

As I golfer I admire Tiger Woods. As a person, not so much.
While he arguably is the greatest golfer in history, he doesn't make the cut as a husband and father.
At last count, he was up to 11 bimbos. And still blaming the media for invading his "privacy."
In his 30s, he is almost a billionaire. He has a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids. As an international role model I think he forfeits a little privacy when he acts like a college sophomore.
I suppose that some may insist no one has proved he is guilty of anything.
But, years ago, an insider on the PGA Tour with personal knowledge told me that when he came to town, Tiger and his father, Earl, had a standing request -- demand, really -- for women to amuse and entertain them.
Tiger credits his late father for teaching him a lot. Maybe Earl taught him too much.

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