Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poor us

Liberals, bless their compassionate hearts, want to eliminate poverty.
Well, it is possible to increase or reduce the level of poverty, because the poverty level is defined by the government. Change the definition and you change the amount of poverty.
But it can't be eliminated. Poverty describes a relative condition. Those who have less than most others are in poverty.
Thus, if most of us made $100 million a year, those who made a mere million would be in poverty.
Heritage Foundation has written often on this subject and documented that people said to be in poverty tend to have nice homes, autos, TVs, computers and other amenities. Hardly comparable to the wretched souls lining the streets of Calcutta holding begging bowls and asking for alms.
To eliminate poverty would require everyone to earn the same income. While that might resonate in some college dorm discussion, even Karl Marx knew it would not happen, and it never did in Communist Russia. There were always the haves -- high-ranking Party members -- and the have-nots: Everyone else.
What conservatives want is for everyone to have an education, a job and equal opportunity to increase his standard to living to whatever level he desires.
That is possible, unlike the dreams of the liberal idealists and Utopians.

Inconvenient truth

The Prophet Al Gore sayeth that the Great Global Warming shall bring forth storms and hurricanes in ever-increasing intensity, spreading a swath of devastation across the land.
We have now gone six years without a Cat Three hurricane -- the longest period in more than a century that the U.S. has avoided a Cat Three storm or greater.
There has been no global warming in years.
Another release of emails among alarmists gives further evidence how far they go to strike down and shout out any science that does not agree with their fanciful theories.
The public gets it. Global warming ranks among the least of concerns Americans have, polls show.
Nevertheless, alarmists are meeting again next week to try to fashion some way to extort billions from industrialized nations, to be spread around among the tyrants and despots they favor.