Monday, January 31, 2011

Land of the pharaohs

I don't know what is going on in Egypt, and apparently the White House doesn't either.
Following Obama's 2009 apology speech in Cairo, I didn't expect any further problems in Egypt. Or from the Muslims Obama apologized to for America's bad behavior.
But one of two things seems to be happening.
Islamic extremists are trying to topple the Egyptian government, which is an ally of the United States and at peace with Israel. It could be the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah ... who knows? But none of them are friends of America.
So why would the White House support them?
Another possibility is that they are freedom-loving people trying to topple a despot and establish a democracy, which would not seem to be a threat to the United States.
If that is the case, it would be exactly what supporters of regime change in Iraq predicted; an outbreak of democracy in the Muslim world.
Obama called Iraq a "war of choice" in Cairo and, in effect, apologized for it, too. But since taking office, he has ratcheted up the war in Afghanistan, which he called "the right war."
Obama also was noticeably silent about a similar uprising in Iran. The freedom-loving people he cold-shouldered then were shot and hanged for opposing the terrorist government.
So does he support those who oppose a government friendly to the United States, but not support those who opposed a government that hates the United States?
I'm confused by the guy who constantly says "let me be perfectly clear." Whose side are we on again?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Probing into the Megyn Kelly Syndrome

There is a new study. Oddly enough, the federal government did not pay for this one, although it certainly sounds like the kind of research it would pay for when not investigating cattle flatulence.
At Indiana University, researchers have discovered -- wait for it -- that men pay more attention to "sexy women" news anchors but remember less what they say.
Who knew?
I had to ask one of the authors what the solution to this problem was, since it was left out of the news reports and I didn't want to spring for the cost of the study.
She responded, "Perhaps it is helpful to the audience?"
"Knowing that one is not in optimal information intake mode when a sexually attractive woman presents information" might be beneficial to the viewer, she said. It also might cause the viewer to want to make sure of getting the details of the story by reading more about it.
For news anchors of the female persuasion she suggested it might be good for them to know this so that, "when news organizations push them to sexualize themselves, they can make a more informed decision to either go with it or to re-consider if they want to be working for that news organization."
OK. Hit the power button and get into optimal information intake mode, fellas.


Wonderful. Inspirational. Uplifting.
That was the liberal reaction to the State of the Union address. I'll bet Chris Matthews needed a change of diapers.
But what did he say?
Let me boil it down.
"I've spent $3 trillion for nothing in the past two years and I want to spend more."
Oh, yes, and some non sequitur about Sputnik.
What I liked best was using the title of Newt Gingrich's book Winning the Future as the theme for his speech.
Onward, to a brave new world.
"And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins..." (Rudyard Kipling, 1919)

Friday, January 21, 2011

In defense of liberals

There are some conservatives who maintain that liberals don't believe in anything.
I beg to disagree.
They are fervent believers in one thing:
They believe that a force even higher than the New York Times has put them on Earth and entitled them to rule in the temples of government, ordering the lives of everyone else on Earth, daily from cradle to grave.
Furthermore, they believe everyone else is entitled to the benefit of their wisdom.
So let it be written; so let it be done. Amen.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Epic fail

The attempt by leftists to exploit the tragedy in Tucson has been a gigantic flop.
Paul Krugman, the Daily Kos, Jonathan Alter and all the others who ignored the victims because they hoped to gain cheap political points by playing the blame game, failed.
It shows that the Lamestream Media no longer sets the national agenda by lying without having to worry about being challenged.
Rhetoric and graphics the liberals have been using for years were exposed within hours by bloggers showing the hypocrisy of the left to millions of viewers. Honest publications such as Fox News and the Wall Street Journal also helped in the effort.
Public opinion polls show that the people did not buy it. They are no more willing to ban guns or turn over their freedom to the government than before. In fact, the liberals lost ground.
They continue trying to censor political speech.
After 10 years of slandering George W. Bush, calling him a Nazi and wishing aloud that he would be shot, they want to make it a crime to criticize the policies of President Obama.
As always, the liberal message is, do as we say, not as we do.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Let's see:
China is overtaking us as the leading superpower.
Millions of people need jobs.
Entitlements are dragging us into bankruptcy.
Nuclear war could erupt in the Mideast or Korea any day.
Terrorists continue to plan and attempt attacks on the United States.
What is the media focused on like a laser beam?
Astrological signs have been changed....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Going down

Glenn Beck's program today was a downer.
He reviewed about a dozen recent news stories, the total import of which is that China is well on its way to replacing the United States as the No. 1 superpower in the world.
This has huge implications.
China now has the fastest supercomputer in the world. Its children are learning more than ours. It has labor advantages and is now the greatest creditor nation in history while America is the most indebted nation in history.
He had two experts on who went into the reasons.
What I took away is that we can credit teacher unions and trial lawyers in part for our demise.
Let's face it. George Soros and his Pinocchio in the White House are winning. The Nov. 2 election threw a damper on their plans but it isn't over.
There are people who want to take down America. Ronald Reagan's vision of America as the last best hope for freedom in the world is fading.
Does it matter? Is there anything wrong with being No. 2? Or No. 3, or a second-rate power?
Ask yourself.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

They are hopeless

Today, the New York Times editorial page extols President Obama for his speech on the Tuscon shootings.
No problem with that. The speech was overlong but said many of the right things. And one expects the Times to laud Obama at every opportunity.
Here's the problem.
The Times failed to acknowledge its own complicity. Its in-house hatemonger Paul Krugman started the whole fracas by jumping in within two hours of the shooting and essentially blaming Republicans, without a shred of evidence.
That was bad enough. But on top of that -- in the midst of an editorial on the liberal theme of "can't we all get along" -- the Times had to launch a personal attack on Sarah Palin!
Having spent some 50 years in the newspaper business, I'd have to say the media response to this tragedy has included some of the worst examples of journalism I've ever seen. The Times editorial shows why it has become a laughingstock and why subscribers are fleeing in droves.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why liberals are insane

When leading Democrats, including John Kerry, were making jokes, books and movies about assassinating the president of the United States, no one on the left was concerned about inciting violence.
When Sarah Palin published a map using survey symbols to designate Democrats she thought should be defeated, and later a deranged man shot a member of Congress, unhinged Democrats like Paul Krugman were blaming her for the tragedy before the crime scene had been cleared.
They didn't acknowledge that the Democrat National Committee had published an almost identical map.
Nor did they show any concern when Democrats circulated a photo of someone pointing a rifle at Palin's head.
The goofy liberal sheriff in Tuscon -- who chooses which laws he enforces -- rather than conducting a calm impartial investigation, was seeking air time to promulgate his own supposition that conservative were to blame -- while admitting that he had no factual basis for his opinion whatsoever.
Rush Limbaugh was accurate, again. It was disgusting. And some of them are still at it.

Being No. 2

If these economists are right, it means American socialists are getting what they want.
Bringing down this nation is their goal. They know that by eroding individual freedom and eliminating incentives, they can lower growth and productivity.
It worked for the socialists in Britain after World War II, and that is the model.
Britain is being swallowed up in the European union and the ultimate goal of the socialists, communists, fascists and progressives is for British -- and American -- sovereignty to be subsumed by the tyrants and despots at the United Nations.
It is ironic that communist China could replace America as No. 1. That is a result of two things: a larger population and, more importantly, the fact that China has allowed capitalism to take root.
Ronald Reagan called America the last, best hope of mankind. If socialists succeed here, the only hope remaining will be that capitalism will transform China.
A slim hope indeed.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Being used

Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" are for the most part wretched, Jew-hating deadbeats but they do deserve some pity.
Their fellow Arabs are among the richest nations in the world and have some 15 million square miles of land, most of it vacant, but can't seem to find a way to offer them a home.
This is because they use them as pawns, murdering Israeli men, women and children while other Arabs pursue "peace," by which they mean the elimination of the state of Israel.
About 800,000 Arabs left Israel when it became a state. The same day it became a state other Arab nations attacked it, and lost.
Other Arabs stayed and they and their descendants are citizens of Israel today because the Jews are tolerant and peaceful people.
But Arabs want millions of Arabs who never lived in Israel to "return" to Israel and dominate it demographically.
Only a fool like Jimmy Carter could see this struggle as a dispute between equals.