Friday, January 14, 2011

Going down

Glenn Beck's program today was a downer.
He reviewed about a dozen recent news stories, the total import of which is that China is well on its way to replacing the United States as the No. 1 superpower in the world.
This has huge implications.
China now has the fastest supercomputer in the world. Its children are learning more than ours. It has labor advantages and is now the greatest creditor nation in history while America is the most indebted nation in history.
He had two experts on who went into the reasons.
What I took away is that we can credit teacher unions and trial lawyers in part for our demise.
Let's face it. George Soros and his Pinocchio in the White House are winning. The Nov. 2 election threw a damper on their plans but it isn't over.
There are people who want to take down America. Ronald Reagan's vision of America as the last best hope for freedom in the world is fading.
Does it matter? Is there anything wrong with being No. 2? Or No. 3, or a second-rate power?
Ask yourself.

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