Friday, January 7, 2011

Being used

Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" are for the most part wretched, Jew-hating deadbeats but they do deserve some pity.
Their fellow Arabs are among the richest nations in the world and have some 15 million square miles of land, most of it vacant, but can't seem to find a way to offer them a home.
This is because they use them as pawns, murdering Israeli men, women and children while other Arabs pursue "peace," by which they mean the elimination of the state of Israel.
About 800,000 Arabs left Israel when it became a state. The same day it became a state other Arab nations attacked it, and lost.
Other Arabs stayed and they and their descendants are citizens of Israel today because the Jews are tolerant and peaceful people.
But Arabs want millions of Arabs who never lived in Israel to "return" to Israel and dominate it demographically.
Only a fool like Jimmy Carter could see this struggle as a dispute between equals.

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