Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flexible definitions

Politicfact is a Web site that purports to evaluate the truth about statements politicians make.
In fact, it more often is a liberal remolding of the truth.
Often, it evaluates opinions, rather than facts. Opinions cannot be true or false.
Recently, it found to be "false" a statement by Mitt Romney that Obamacare would slash $500 billion from Medicare.
Politifact said:
"Medicare spending is still set to increase, just not at as high a rate as originally anticipated. The difference, about $500 billion, is being used to help fund other provisions in the new health care law."
This is laughable because liberals ALWAYS call any reduction in planned spending increases as "cuts." But they are not cuts, it seems, when applied to something Obama claims he will do.
In fact, the cuts are phony because they are double-counted; in effect, spent twice, as various authorities have reported.