Thursday, March 3, 2011


The president of the United States is either totally delusional or, more likely, totally convinced that he is more intelligent than anyone else in America.
That's the only conclusion you can reach when Obama says his budget would not add to the national debt when, in fact, it doubles the national debt in the next decade.
Budgets are not a matter of opinion. They are basic math.
Sure, you can make up assumptions such as fabulous growth and fictional interest rates. He does that, too.
But even without that, his budget does not do what he said it would do, and the falsity is easily shown, as in this piece on NRO.
Everything he has done since taking office has shown that Obama fully believes he is the Chosen One, more witty, brilliant, handsome, eloquent and clever than anyone else in the room.
But, he has no accomplishments to support his belief. Instead, he has a long list of failures that will be with the American people for a long time.
America cannot afford another four years with someone in the White House who is willing to blatantly lie to the American people.