Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More for the asking

In refusing to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump, Democrats were merely following the tradition of their patron saint, Sir Thomas More.
More invented "Utopia," the mythical, and unattainable, state that they strive to bring about in America.
More was in good with the king until he refused to attend the coronation of Anne Boleyn as queen.
Sadly to say, Henry VIII had More beheaded for the snub. (He later had Anne's head removed, too. Henry had a thing.)
Not saying American Democrats should undergo the same remedy, but it would be worth examining the utopian idea.
The Soviet Union, by the way, honored More for his novel since it essentially was communism -- although communism turned out to be the very antithesis of the ideal life of the citizens of More's Utopia.
(Utopia is a word derived from the Greek term for "no place.")
Everyone in Utopia is a farmer. The food they grow is stored and anyone can help himself from the supply. They had free hospitals, making it apparent why liberals are drawn to this fancy.
But they also had slavery, which might be a bit awkward for Democrats.
On the other hand it is ideal in one respect: there are no lawyers.
Wives are required to confess their sins to their husbands monthly and euthanasia is practiced, again a mixed blessing for liberals.
Private property did not exist and everyone got a free basic income, which leads us back to liberal Democrats.
Once again they are pushing a "universal basic income." Mental midget Robert Reich is for it, as are politicians in France.
Enjoy your trip on the Road to Utopia.