Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why not America First?

Libs like to manipulate the language. Currently, they are trying to do so as part of their never-ending effort to smear and misrepresent the president.
President Trump has declared he would put America first.
Immediately, libs linked that to the isolationist movement in America before World War II began.
But that movement began at Yale University -- hardly a hotbed of conservatism.
Also, other allies in the isolationist or “non-interventionist” cause included American Socialist party leader Norman Thomas, liberal journalist Oswald Garrison Villard, and such progressive icons Charles Beard, John Dewey, Joseph Kennedy, Bernard Baruch, and Progressive party hero Robert La Follette, according to Jonah Goldberg.
Trump made it clear that he is not advocating non-involvement in world affairs although, strangely enough, he would be on the same page as the libs, who don't want the American military used anywhere for any reason.
He is saying that when it comes to immigration policy, economic policy, or anything else, he is going to consider what is best for the American people first, and only then how it might affect other nations, such as Mexico.
He is going to ban, at least temporarily, immigration from terrorist nations such as Syria and Iran.
Makes sense to me.
At one time a company called Sandia had a program that involved inviting people from all over the world, including those nations, to come to America, tour our nuclear facilities and learn how the security systems worked there. This always seemed insane to me and I pointed it out to one U.S. senator, who promised to look into it but did nothing.
Putting Americans first does not seem to me to be the wrong thing for the president of America to do.