Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Early warning

August is approaching. This affords America-hating liberals a chance annually to publicly wring their hands and whine about the dropping of atom bombs on Japan, which they view as evidence that America is a despicable country.
They would be more than happy if the Nazis or Japs had won World War II and now ran this country. Or the communists. Or Mexicans. Or Muslims. Anyone but Americans.
Here's the undeniable truth, for anyone who attended the public school indoctrination academies and doesn't know American history: Dropping the bombs saved millions of lives, American and Japanese.
The battle for Okinawa and voluminous other evidence convinced military planners than an invasion of the Japanese home islands would have resulted in horrendous casualties on both sides. Harry Truman got it. Liberals don't.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Death squads authorized

Remember when the left went nuts because George Bush allowed our spies to monitor telephone calls made to suspected terrorists outside this country?
Can you image what would happen if Bush had said U.S. citizens could be assassinated just because they were suspected of being terrorists?
The New York Times would be spinning its presses putting out special editions. CNN would be broadcasting 24/7 on this story alone (sort of like the camera image of the oil spill).
President Obama is doing it, and no one really cares. The ACLU has issued a mild protest.
Yep. Actual terrorists who kill Americans? Put them on trial. Suspected terrorists who may or may not kill Americans, but are Americans? Shoot them.
One reason the telephone surveillance (which is constitutional, unlike assassination) was needed was that the media had made it easier for terrorists by publishing the information that we were monitoring their cell phone calls. It almost allowed us to catch Osama bin Laden. But the media chose to exercise its constitutional rights, rather than protect Americans.
Why is the assassination of U.S. citizens needed? Who is next? Tea Party members that the leftists deem to be "racists"?