Monday, June 24, 2013

Who is this guy?

Most of the media is missing the most important question in the matter of Edward Snowden.
Snowden now is on a worldwide tour of countries that hate the United States, carrying four laptop computers filled with secret information about the nation's intelligence gathering operations.
This guy has little education and not much sense, as far as we can tell from news stories.
So how did he get a top secret security clearance and access to important information related to national security?
Isn't that just a little bit important?
Instead it is all about “metadata” and the like. Various people on both sides of the political fence seem to think he is a national hero.
I'm not willing to shower him with accolades just yet.
For one thing, it isn't clear whether his information shows that the law is too permissive, or whether it shows that the Obama regime isn't following laws that are fair and reasonable.
Even if it is the latter case, what is the benefit to Americans from turning over that information to our enemies?
He could have gone to congressional oversight committees with it, for example. That way, the information could have been kept confidential yet the administration's use of the information could have been investigated.
Was the information used for political activities, or to protect the nation?
This nation must gather intelligence. Virtually all nations do.
Liberals don't like intelligence gathering and in the 1970s they succeeded in reducing our ability to conduct it, which probably was a contributing factor in the attacks on America on Sept. 11, 2001.
Now, Russia, China and who-knows-who-else have our secrets and, with the traitor organization Wikileaks involved, it is likely that everyone in the world will have access to them.
Snowden clearly wasn't working in the best interests of the United States. What we need to know is who he was working for and how he got his hands on our secrets.