Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Looking for Benedict Arnold

The biggest news in America is the story the mealy-mouth media is trying not to report.
A terrorist attack in Benghazi led to the deaths of four Americans.
Information from news stories that have been written -- primarily by Fox News and bloggers -- indicates that it could have been prevented.
Even more importantly, the information available indicates that the Americans, all or some of them, might have been saved while the attack was in progress.
Emails show the White House had information within an hour or two that the consulate attacked by terrorists. Yet, for 17 days afterward, the White House was telling the world that it was a demonstration by people angry over some video, and that the demonstration got out of hand.
This fit the narrative of the Obama re-election campaign. He killed Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda was no longer in business.
The unfolding story to date:
Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, former Navy SEALS attached to the CIA, ran to the fight, not away. They manned a heavy machinegun and fought off the attackers for seven hours, killing 50 or more barbarians.
During that time, they called for help. Aid was available and did not come. They had a laser targeting device that could have pinpointed the mortars being fired at them for an AC-130 gunship that was in the air.
Also in the air was a drone, presumably sending real-time video of the events. A quick-response team was an hour away.
Help did not come. The AC-130 did not fire. The SEALS died in a hail of mortar fire.
One former high-ranking CIA officer said on Fox News that the president had to know what was happening and that not sending aid was "cowardly." The military would not act without his OK, he said.
Barack Obama has said he ordered the military to do everything necessary to save the lives of the Americans in Benghazi and is "trying to find out" what happened. Alledgely, there is an investigation. No one expects it to be concluded until after Nov. 6, when the voters will decide whether Obama remains in office.
Because we know after four years how the Chicago mob in the White House operates, it is reasonable to surmise that the investigation consists of an all-out attempt to find a scapegoat.
What they need is a high-ranking military officer who will falsely claim that he failed to carry out the president's "clear" order to send aid.
Obviously that would be the end of his career. But he likely would have a substantial pension in place, and could be assured of a Soros-funded "supplement" that would enable him to live a Donald Trump lifestyle.
His only problem would be looking into the mirror each morning, knowing he had sold out his country to a man who would let Americans die so that he could retain political power.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Credit where it is due

Barack Hussein wants to take credit for Osama bin Laden's death. Even if it were true it would not make up for the mess he has made with his foreign policy.
But consider this:
Who were the three "worst people in the world"? (Mad hatter Keith Olbermann would not agree, of course.)
How about bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Moammar Khadafy?
These three bums have one thing in common. They are no longer a threat.
But none of them would be dead if it had not been for George W. Bush.
President Bush took action when America was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001.
Compare this to the Democrats, who did almost nothing after the first attack on the World Trade Center.
Bush sent troops to Iraq to remove Saddam, which leading Democrats agreed was a serious threat. Mission accomplished, and with the authorization of Congress and the United Nations.
Bush sent troops to Afghanistan to root out the terrorists hiding there.
Thousands of terrorists have been killed. Saddam, who started two wars that killed more than a million people, was captured and executed.
Obama came into office with the wind at his back. He stood by while the post-war battle with an insurgency in Iraq wound down, and had virtually nothing to do with Khadafy's capture and murder by his own people.
Bin Laden, of course, was killed by Seals and there are allegations that Obama was no leader in that effort, either, that the call was made by Leon Panetta.
Obama has been selective. He took meek action in Libya, but did nothing in Syria and passed up the best chance ever of stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons when he let the rioters in Iran be quelled. He praised the uprising in Egypt, which left the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood in charge.
Bush's aggressive defense of the nation certainly set in motion the chain of events that brought down both Khadafy and bin Laden, after Bush had left office.
That's what Obama "inherited."

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fizzle factor

The Morning Mistake -- as longtime politico Daughtry Towers used to call it -- has to be embarrassed over the audit of Florida State College operations.
After trying for months to get President Steve Wallace ousted, the paper thought it had him in the crosshairs.
Talk in the newsroom was that he would be "gone by October." I'm sure they were preparing the Pulitzer entry forms.
Then came the audit.
It was stupefyingly mild. Any audit will note a few glitches in any operation. This was no different.
But the big finding was a recommendation to redraw the organizational chart. This is what bureaucrats do when they tire of playing Angry Birds. It rarely accomplishes anything substantive.
Oh, yes, and some people in a survey didn't like Wallace's "management style." Golly, gee whiz.
The paper went on this witch-hunt at the behest of the union crowd at the college, I'm certain, and with constant input and attaboys from the agitators. Unionists live for the purpose of be-deviling and when possible beheading college presidents and administrators. Then they can say to prospective members, "See how powerful we are?"
All they need are gullible editors to make their jobs easier.
One unionist tried to take a victory lap via a letter to the editor. But it was as soggy as the stories were.
This story never amounted to much and was way oversold.
If Wallace does decide to move on to a more appreciative venue it would not be surprising. But it would be Jacksonville's loss.

Friday, September 14, 2012

How to ruin a nation

It is easy to understand why union bosses, environmental wackos, residents of other nations who are in America illegally and communists would vote for Barack Obama, but they are far from a majority and why any other American would vote for him is beyond me.
He has done more to tear down America in four years than any president I remember and every indication is that he will be even worse if kept in office.
At present, our descendants are in hock to the tune of $16 trillion as a result of his policies and the only reason it isn't more is that he used accounting tricks to delay the impact of his health care takeover.
So many jobs have been lost that a record number of people have quit seeking employment. Obama's plan is to keep doing what is causing the problem.
Almost as bad as his economic polices are the way he conducts foreign policy.
He was to bring peace and harmony to the world. Instead, the Mideast is in flames.
The attack on the consulate in Libya was a prime example.
Obama doesn't bother with his intelligence briefings. If he had, he might have noticed that 48 hours before the attack there were credible reports of an attack, according to news stories.
The Marines on guard were unarmed -- another Obama administration policy, so as not to offend the barbarians who want to murder as many Jews and Americans as they can.
The Libyan guards entrusted to protect our diplomats apparently were in on the plot, and ran when the shooting started.
It was also clear that the barbarians knew the location of a safe house for our diplomats.
All of it was timed for Sept. 11.
The cover story was supposed outrage over some goofy movie. That just doesn't fit the facts.
The mobs burned and looted the building, taking secret documents that may expose Libyans who have helped America, and other vital information, to our enemies.
Afterward, a confused Obama, trying to bluster his way through, said Egypt was not our ally, which his own State Department had to "clarify." They are.
This Keystone Kops performance would be funny if it were not for the lives lost.
That makes it kind of like the "Fast and Furious" scandal, another fatal blunder by this administration.
The attorney general still is stonewalling the investigation into that case.
I'm not sure what else Obama could do to convince voters that he was completely unprepared and unqualified to be president.
The Libyan episode only lends further credence to the book and movie asserting that Obama is now and has been all his life devoted to the cause of anti-colonialism, which sees Europe and America as the cause of the world's woes.
We've had the "historic" moment of electing someone with dark skin. Now maybe it is time to elect someone who loves and respects America and will work to make it prosperous and peaceful.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flexible definitions

Politicfact is a Web site that purports to evaluate the truth about statements politicians make.
In fact, it more often is a liberal remolding of the truth.
Often, it evaluates opinions, rather than facts. Opinions cannot be true or false.
Recently, it found to be "false" a statement by Mitt Romney that Obamacare would slash $500 billion from Medicare.
Politifact said:
"Medicare spending is still set to increase, just not at as high a rate as originally anticipated. The difference, about $500 billion, is being used to help fund other provisions in the new health care law."
This is laughable because liberals ALWAYS call any reduction in planned spending increases as "cuts." But they are not cuts, it seems, when applied to something Obama claims he will do.
In fact, the cuts are phony because they are double-counted; in effect, spent twice, as various authorities have reported.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lib logic on display

Libs, trying desperately to explain away the president's colossal display of ignorance about the law, have created a laughable template.
They say the Republicans have flipped and now support "judicial activism."
Obama said it would be "unprecedented" for the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare because it was passed by Congress.
But that's the Supreme Court's job, which has been recognized since 1802 -- even by non-lawyers.
Libs claim conservatives now support activism became they want the law overturned.
But they want it overturned because allowing it to stand would, in effect, expand the powers of Congress so that it could virtually control every American's life.
That clearly is not the intent of the constitution. It was written to limit government, not make it omnipotent.
No Republican has urged the court to make up new law and upholding the constitution is not activism. This is simply another attempt to distract from the issue.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Memo from the staff

White House
March 25, 2012
To: The Boss
From: The Re-election Campaign
Subject: Update on Cloward-Piven Strategy

1. Create economic crisis and overwhelming public debt.
2. Drive energy prices through the roof.
3. Ignore growing foreign problems until they are a crisis.
4. Put nation on a path towards socialized medicine.
5. Create a phony "war on women" and blame the opposition.
6. Create racial strife and conflict throughout America.
In progress
Our advisers say this strategy should result in a frightened, divided populace embracing the incumbent for a second term. It is modeled on the successful effort by the New Deal, which extended and worsened an economic recession while implementing policies closely resembling those of the Stalin and Mussolini regimes, both of which were studied and admired by Roosevelt's "brain trust."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The agenda

By now, everyone in America should understand the Obama Agenda.
It is:

  1. Amass personal power and wealth for himself.
  2. Weaken American militarily.
  3. Strengthen government control over the individual.
  4. Create an ongoing fiscal crisis via excessive spending and borrowing.

Everything he has done since taking office has furthered those goals. Voters are free to speculate on his motives. They don't really matter. It is the results that matter.
If he succeeds, America will devolve into European socialist status, if not Third World status.
If he gets a second term, he will redouble his efforts to succeed.
It should be clear to everyone why Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama would fail.Anyone who agrees with Ronald Reagan that America is the last, best hope of the world should agree.
We'll find out in November how many of those Americans there are.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fiscal facts

It is fun to watch the libs go nuts over finding that the public schools had a large cash carryover, but they are dead wrong when they accuse the bureaucrats of having "hidden" funds.
It says very clearly in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report that: "The General Fund total fund balance was $164,674,911 as of June 30, 2011, and represents an increase of $30,576,299 or 22.8 percent as compared to the prior year’s balance of $134,098,612.  This increase reflects the District’s commitment to be fiscally sound by the preservation of fund balance due to the uncertainty of near-term revenue streams."
Finding that fact certainly was no great feat of investigative journalism.
I've been looking at the fiscal facts lately and reporting on them, telling folks what the newspapers never do, which is that the local schools have spent more money every year and the total spending increase has been more than 30 percent over 10 years.
Other pertinent facts about the cash carryover:

  • The schools have an annual independent audit, as required by law. It did not criticize the size of the cash carryover, (also called fund balance).
  • The state requires the schools to have a 3 percent fund balance for emergencies. Art classes are not emergencies.
  • The superintendent and his crew knew the fed spigot was likely to turn off at some point and wanted to be ready, without beating the taxpayer to death.

The state and city governments also have a cash carryover every year. It is standard practice. Only the arcane accounting of the federal government is different. Budgets mean nothing in Washington and follow no standard accounting principles. The government simply spends what it wants to whether it has the money or not.
Greedy libs want to spend every dime they can get, federal government style, whether it is fiscally prudent or not.
School board members who complain of being duped simply were asleep at the switch.
I'm rarely on the side of the bureaucrats but in this case, the superintendent, who is getting booted, did nothing  wrong, in my humble opinion and based on the facts presented to date.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Libs can't handle the truth

Prepare yourself for more months of libs complaining about "drastic cuts" to public schools.
Gov. Rick Scott already has proposed an extra $1 billion for the schools but gets no thanks. Instead they rail against him for not giving more.
"More" is the only answer you will get if you ask a lib how much money it would take to get the schools to do what they are supposed to do.
As for cuts.
In Jacksonville, the School Board says on its own Web site that it has cut $150 million from its budget in the last four years.
The problem is that it has spent more money every year for the past 10 years.
But put that aside. If it had cut $150 million it would be from more than $4.5 billion it spent during that time.
That would be a drastic 3 percent.
Oh, the horror.
Any organization with capable accountants that couldn't take a 3 percent nick in its budget without breaking a sweat is not one you would want to invest your money in.
But the libs will continue with their dishonest claims. Facts do not faze them in the least.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Compromise and all that crap

The only group that even approaches libs in self-adulation is the "moderates."
They are far superior to those on the left or right, they tell themselves and everyone else, because they listen and choose on the basis of what is best for everyone.
Balderdash. Moderates should be called "confused."
Are you in favor of big government one day and individual freedom the next? Tax increases one day and tax relief the next?
Congratulations, you are a moderate.
One of their conceits is that Congress should "compromise" and get things done.
Let me ask a question.
If two people are in a car and one wants to go forward and the other wants to go backward, what is the compromise?
If America is going to move forward, it needs to elect conservatives and get the country back on track. Moderates who want "compromise" should vote for conservatives. They have differences but they can resolve them.
The sooner libs are defeated, the sooner we can get going.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why we work

Straightening out the confusion libs cause in the world is a dirty job but someone has to do it.
Currently, libs are all up in arms because the Legislature is trying to save the taxpayers some money. Nothing makes libs madder.
Because so many career criminals are locked up, crime is declining and not as many prison guards are needed. So the state is planning to eliminate some, while privatizing prisons. Private prisons don't engage in featherbedding, as union-run public prisons do.
The guards believe they are entitled to jobs on the taxpayers dime whether the work is needed or not. Libs, of course, agree.
What is a job?
A job is a mutual agreement between two people, with or without a written contract.
The employee agrees to do a certain amount of work of a certain kind.
The employer agrees to provide a certain level of compensation.
This is the important element, which libs are unable, or refuse, to understand.
Neither agrees to lifetime employment.
The employer may eliminate the job if conditions change and the worker is no longer needed.
The employee also may terminate the agreement and walk off the job at anytime, whether it is because he has found a better paying job, or better working conditions, or he doesn't like his boss's looks.
Libs believe only the employer has an obligation. It doesn't matter to them that he might have accepted inefficient work while the new employee is learning the ropes, or spent money on job training, or that he is facing a production deadline and needs every hand.
Because most employers are in a competitive environment, they offer good wages and working conditions and few are forced to hire union workers in a right to work state such as Florida.
Thus, unionism, which is a basic tenet of communism, flourishes only in the public sector. It should be prohibited in the public sector because there is an inherent conflict. Employees can gang up and fire their employers.So, they are overpaid and pampered at everyone else's expense.
Libs excuse this by saying they must prevent "cronyism" in the public sector. But the system doesn't prevent it, it encourages it. Witness the Chicago mob that has taken over the federal government.
Competition is a necessary agreement in the private sector and public sector. Libs insist it is devastating to the public sector, which is patent nonsense, especially the claim that it harms education. Research has shown it helps the public schools.
One of the most sensible statements I've ever heard coming from the lips of a bureaucrat was uttered several years ago by a school superintendent in Jacksonville, on the subject of vouchers.
"If we do our job, we don't have to worry about vouchers," he said.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More media malfeasance

This is something liberals don't want you to know.
If they wanted you to know it, the liberal media would mention it when they write the sob stories about the suffering public schools, or the thundering editorials demanding more "investment" in education.
I don't read the local papers, but I'm pretty sure that in hundreds of stories along those lines they never once have told you the fiscal reality.
Facts are to liberals as a cross is to a vampire.
They prefer to play on your emotions, and hope you don't find any facts on your own.
They could, of course, claim that the increased spending is the reason for improved education.
That would leave them in the position of having to explain why they have been decrying "cuts," but they are a nimble bunch.
More awkward would be explaining why 30 years of increased spending produced no improvement until true education reforms were put into place.