Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Looking for Benedict Arnold

The biggest news in America is the story the mealy-mouth media is trying not to report.
A terrorist attack in Benghazi led to the deaths of four Americans.
Information from news stories that have been written -- primarily by Fox News and bloggers -- indicates that it could have been prevented.
Even more importantly, the information available indicates that the Americans, all or some of them, might have been saved while the attack was in progress.
Emails show the White House had information within an hour or two that the consulate attacked by terrorists. Yet, for 17 days afterward, the White House was telling the world that it was a demonstration by people angry over some video, and that the demonstration got out of hand.
This fit the narrative of the Obama re-election campaign. He killed Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda was no longer in business.
The unfolding story to date:
Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, former Navy SEALS attached to the CIA, ran to the fight, not away. They manned a heavy machinegun and fought off the attackers for seven hours, killing 50 or more barbarians.
During that time, they called for help. Aid was available and did not come. They had a laser targeting device that could have pinpointed the mortars being fired at them for an AC-130 gunship that was in the air.
Also in the air was a drone, presumably sending real-time video of the events. A quick-response team was an hour away.
Help did not come. The AC-130 did not fire. The SEALS died in a hail of mortar fire.
One former high-ranking CIA officer said on Fox News that the president had to know what was happening and that not sending aid was "cowardly." The military would not act without his OK, he said.
Barack Obama has said he ordered the military to do everything necessary to save the lives of the Americans in Benghazi and is "trying to find out" what happened. Alledgely, there is an investigation. No one expects it to be concluded until after Nov. 6, when the voters will decide whether Obama remains in office.
Because we know after four years how the Chicago mob in the White House operates, it is reasonable to surmise that the investigation consists of an all-out attempt to find a scapegoat.
What they need is a high-ranking military officer who will falsely claim that he failed to carry out the president's "clear" order to send aid.
Obviously that would be the end of his career. But he likely would have a substantial pension in place, and could be assured of a Soros-funded "supplement" that would enable him to live a Donald Trump lifestyle.
His only problem would be looking into the mirror each morning, knowing he had sold out his country to a man who would let Americans die so that he could retain political power.

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