Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lunacy at the top

President Obama's new line -- we can't cut our way to prosperity -- is meant to be a twist on the conservative staple that you can't tax your way to prosperity.
However, there is a slight difference. One is true and one is not.
Taxing -- taking money from the productive part of the economy and allowing politicians to "spread it around a bit" has not ever produced prosperity and never will.
On the other hand, the $5 trillion in spending added during the past six years Democrats have been in control has done nothing beneficial.
Think about it. None of that money was being spent six years ago and yet we were a healthy, happy, hale and hearty nation. The debt was worrisome but manageable -- if we had just frozen spending, without making cuts.
Obama has abandoned the pose of being a moderate and now is openly pushing to create a welfare state that will dwarf those in socialist countries.
Regardless what we can't do, what we can do is tax and spend our way to bankruptcy.

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