Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fizzle factor

The Morning Mistake -- as longtime politico Daughtry Towers used to call it -- has to be embarrassed over the audit of Florida State College operations.
After trying for months to get President Steve Wallace ousted, the paper thought it had him in the crosshairs.
Talk in the newsroom was that he would be "gone by October." I'm sure they were preparing the Pulitzer entry forms.
Then came the audit.
It was stupefyingly mild. Any audit will note a few glitches in any operation. This was no different.
But the big finding was a recommendation to redraw the organizational chart. This is what bureaucrats do when they tire of playing Angry Birds. It rarely accomplishes anything substantive.
Oh, yes, and some people in a survey didn't like Wallace's "management style." Golly, gee whiz.
The paper went on this witch-hunt at the behest of the union crowd at the college, I'm certain, and with constant input and attaboys from the agitators. Unionists live for the purpose of be-deviling and when possible beheading college presidents and administrators. Then they can say to prospective members, "See how powerful we are?"
All they need are gullible editors to make their jobs easier.
One unionist tried to take a victory lap via a letter to the editor. But it was as soggy as the stories were.
This story never amounted to much and was way oversold.
If Wallace does decide to move on to a more appreciative venue it would not be surprising. But it would be Jacksonville's loss.

Friday, September 14, 2012

How to ruin a nation

It is easy to understand why union bosses, environmental wackos, residents of other nations who are in America illegally and communists would vote for Barack Obama, but they are far from a majority and why any other American would vote for him is beyond me.
He has done more to tear down America in four years than any president I remember and every indication is that he will be even worse if kept in office.
At present, our descendants are in hock to the tune of $16 trillion as a result of his policies and the only reason it isn't more is that he used accounting tricks to delay the impact of his health care takeover.
So many jobs have been lost that a record number of people have quit seeking employment. Obama's plan is to keep doing what is causing the problem.
Almost as bad as his economic polices are the way he conducts foreign policy.
He was to bring peace and harmony to the world. Instead, the Mideast is in flames.
The attack on the consulate in Libya was a prime example.
Obama doesn't bother with his intelligence briefings. If he had, he might have noticed that 48 hours before the attack there were credible reports of an attack, according to news stories.
The Marines on guard were unarmed -- another Obama administration policy, so as not to offend the barbarians who want to murder as many Jews and Americans as they can.
The Libyan guards entrusted to protect our diplomats apparently were in on the plot, and ran when the shooting started.
It was also clear that the barbarians knew the location of a safe house for our diplomats.
All of it was timed for Sept. 11.
The cover story was supposed outrage over some goofy movie. That just doesn't fit the facts.
The mobs burned and looted the building, taking secret documents that may expose Libyans who have helped America, and other vital information, to our enemies.
Afterward, a confused Obama, trying to bluster his way through, said Egypt was not our ally, which his own State Department had to "clarify." They are.
This Keystone Kops performance would be funny if it were not for the lives lost.
That makes it kind of like the "Fast and Furious" scandal, another fatal blunder by this administration.
The attorney general still is stonewalling the investigation into that case.
I'm not sure what else Obama could do to convince voters that he was completely unprepared and unqualified to be president.
The Libyan episode only lends further credence to the book and movie asserting that Obama is now and has been all his life devoted to the cause of anti-colonialism, which sees Europe and America as the cause of the world's woes.
We've had the "historic" moment of electing someone with dark skin. Now maybe it is time to elect someone who loves and respects America and will work to make it prosperous and peaceful.