Sunday, October 21, 2012

Credit where it is due

Barack Hussein wants to take credit for Osama bin Laden's death. Even if it were true it would not make up for the mess he has made with his foreign policy.
But consider this:
Who were the three "worst people in the world"? (Mad hatter Keith Olbermann would not agree, of course.)
How about bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Moammar Khadafy?
These three bums have one thing in common. They are no longer a threat.
But none of them would be dead if it had not been for George W. Bush.
President Bush took action when America was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001.
Compare this to the Democrats, who did almost nothing after the first attack on the World Trade Center.
Bush sent troops to Iraq to remove Saddam, which leading Democrats agreed was a serious threat. Mission accomplished, and with the authorization of Congress and the United Nations.
Bush sent troops to Afghanistan to root out the terrorists hiding there.
Thousands of terrorists have been killed. Saddam, who started two wars that killed more than a million people, was captured and executed.
Obama came into office with the wind at his back. He stood by while the post-war battle with an insurgency in Iraq wound down, and had virtually nothing to do with Khadafy's capture and murder by his own people.
Bin Laden, of course, was killed by Seals and there are allegations that Obama was no leader in that effort, either, that the call was made by Leon Panetta.
Obama has been selective. He took meek action in Libya, but did nothing in Syria and passed up the best chance ever of stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons when he let the rioters in Iran be quelled. He praised the uprising in Egypt, which left the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood in charge.
Bush's aggressive defense of the nation certainly set in motion the chain of events that brought down both Khadafy and bin Laden, after Bush had left office.
That's what Obama "inherited."

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