Thursday, January 26, 2012

Compromise and all that crap

The only group that even approaches libs in self-adulation is the "moderates."
They are far superior to those on the left or right, they tell themselves and everyone else, because they listen and choose on the basis of what is best for everyone.
Balderdash. Moderates should be called "confused."
Are you in favor of big government one day and individual freedom the next? Tax increases one day and tax relief the next?
Congratulations, you are a moderate.
One of their conceits is that Congress should "compromise" and get things done.
Let me ask a question.
If two people are in a car and one wants to go forward and the other wants to go backward, what is the compromise?
If America is going to move forward, it needs to elect conservatives and get the country back on track. Moderates who want "compromise" should vote for conservatives. They have differences but they can resolve them.
The sooner libs are defeated, the sooner we can get going.

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