Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why we work

Straightening out the confusion libs cause in the world is a dirty job but someone has to do it.
Currently, libs are all up in arms because the Legislature is trying to save the taxpayers some money. Nothing makes libs madder.
Because so many career criminals are locked up, crime is declining and not as many prison guards are needed. So the state is planning to eliminate some, while privatizing prisons. Private prisons don't engage in featherbedding, as union-run public prisons do.
The guards believe they are entitled to jobs on the taxpayers dime whether the work is needed or not. Libs, of course, agree.
What is a job?
A job is a mutual agreement between two people, with or without a written contract.
The employee agrees to do a certain amount of work of a certain kind.
The employer agrees to provide a certain level of compensation.
This is the important element, which libs are unable, or refuse, to understand.
Neither agrees to lifetime employment.
The employer may eliminate the job if conditions change and the worker is no longer needed.
The employee also may terminate the agreement and walk off the job at anytime, whether it is because he has found a better paying job, or better working conditions, or he doesn't like his boss's looks.
Libs believe only the employer has an obligation. It doesn't matter to them that he might have accepted inefficient work while the new employee is learning the ropes, or spent money on job training, or that he is facing a production deadline and needs every hand.
Because most employers are in a competitive environment, they offer good wages and working conditions and few are forced to hire union workers in a right to work state such as Florida.
Thus, unionism, which is a basic tenet of communism, flourishes only in the public sector. It should be prohibited in the public sector because there is an inherent conflict. Employees can gang up and fire their employers.So, they are overpaid and pampered at everyone else's expense.
Libs excuse this by saying they must prevent "cronyism" in the public sector. But the system doesn't prevent it, it encourages it. Witness the Chicago mob that has taken over the federal government.
Competition is a necessary agreement in the private sector and public sector. Libs insist it is devastating to the public sector, which is patent nonsense, especially the claim that it harms education. Research has shown it helps the public schools.
One of the most sensible statements I've ever heard coming from the lips of a bureaucrat was uttered several years ago by a school superintendent in Jacksonville, on the subject of vouchers.
"If we do our job, we don't have to worry about vouchers," he said.

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