Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The agenda

By now, everyone in America should understand the Obama Agenda.
It is:

  1. Amass personal power and wealth for himself.
  2. Weaken American militarily.
  3. Strengthen government control over the individual.
  4. Create an ongoing fiscal crisis via excessive spending and borrowing.

Everything he has done since taking office has furthered those goals. Voters are free to speculate on his motives. They don't really matter. It is the results that matter.
If he succeeds, America will devolve into European socialist status, if not Third World status.
If he gets a second term, he will redouble his efforts to succeed.
It should be clear to everyone why Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama would fail.Anyone who agrees with Ronald Reagan that America is the last, best hope of the world should agree.
We'll find out in November how many of those Americans there are.

1 comment:

bpwriter said...

Pray that at least some of the Hope and Changhe believers have awakened by now. Obama is NOT going to pay your light bill or keep the banks from foreclosing if you don't pay your mortgage. He's going to bankrupt the country if he gets another term. He has come close to doing so already.