Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being No. 2

If these economists are right, it means American socialists are getting what they want.
Bringing down this nation is their goal. They know that by eroding individual freedom and eliminating incentives, they can lower growth and productivity.
It worked for the socialists in Britain after World War II, and that is the model.
Britain is being swallowed up in the European union and the ultimate goal of the socialists, communists, fascists and progressives is for British -- and American -- sovereignty to be subsumed by the tyrants and despots at the United Nations.
It is ironic that communist China could replace America as No. 1. That is a result of two things: a larger population and, more importantly, the fact that China has allowed capitalism to take root.
Ronald Reagan called America the last, best hope of mankind. If socialists succeed here, the only hope remaining will be that capitalism will transform China.
A slim hope indeed.

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