Thursday, January 13, 2011

They are hopeless

Today, the New York Times editorial page extols President Obama for his speech on the Tuscon shootings.
No problem with that. The speech was overlong but said many of the right things. And one expects the Times to laud Obama at every opportunity.
Here's the problem.
The Times failed to acknowledge its own complicity. Its in-house hatemonger Paul Krugman started the whole fracas by jumping in within two hours of the shooting and essentially blaming Republicans, without a shred of evidence.
That was bad enough. But on top of that -- in the midst of an editorial on the liberal theme of "can't we all get along" -- the Times had to launch a personal attack on Sarah Palin!
Having spent some 50 years in the newspaper business, I'd have to say the media response to this tragedy has included some of the worst examples of journalism I've ever seen. The Times editorial shows why it has become a laughingstock and why subscribers are fleeing in droves.

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