Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why liberals are insane

When leading Democrats, including John Kerry, were making jokes, books and movies about assassinating the president of the United States, no one on the left was concerned about inciting violence.
When Sarah Palin published a map using survey symbols to designate Democrats she thought should be defeated, and later a deranged man shot a member of Congress, unhinged Democrats like Paul Krugman were blaming her for the tragedy before the crime scene had been cleared.
They didn't acknowledge that the Democrat National Committee had published an almost identical map.
Nor did they show any concern when Democrats circulated a photo of someone pointing a rifle at Palin's head.
The goofy liberal sheriff in Tuscon -- who chooses which laws he enforces -- rather than conducting a calm impartial investigation, was seeking air time to promulgate his own supposition that conservative were to blame -- while admitting that he had no factual basis for his opinion whatsoever.
Rush Limbaugh was accurate, again. It was disgusting. And some of them are still at it.

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