Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Epic fail

The attempt by leftists to exploit the tragedy in Tucson has been a gigantic flop.
Paul Krugman, the Daily Kos, Jonathan Alter and all the others who ignored the victims because they hoped to gain cheap political points by playing the blame game, failed.
It shows that the Lamestream Media no longer sets the national agenda by lying without having to worry about being challenged.
Rhetoric and graphics the liberals have been using for years were exposed within hours by bloggers showing the hypocrisy of the left to millions of viewers. Honest publications such as Fox News and the Wall Street Journal also helped in the effort.
Public opinion polls show that the people did not buy it. They are no more willing to ban guns or turn over their freedom to the government than before. In fact, the liberals lost ground.
They continue trying to censor political speech.
After 10 years of slandering George W. Bush, calling him a Nazi and wishing aloud that he would be shot, they want to make it a crime to criticize the policies of President Obama.
As always, the liberal message is, do as we say, not as we do.

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