Monday, December 7, 2009

Punishing heroes

There is plenty to be outraged about these days, but nothing more outrageous than the court-martial of three Navy SEALS who captured a top-ranking terrorist.
They asked for the court-martial, which is a trial, because the Navy was going to give them a captain's mast, which is a proceeding that results in punishment and, usually, the end of a military career.
They captured the terrorist who ran the operation in which four Americans were murdered brutally, burned and dragged through the streets before being strung up so that they could be photographed for the media.
Instead of bringing him back feet first, which many Americans would have applauded, they brought him back alive. After a night in captivity, during which one witness reportedly checked on him and found him in good shape, he displayed a bloody lip and said the SEALS had done it.
Even if they did, and even if liberals scream "torture," this is political correctness run amok. We cannot win a war if our soldiers are punished for giving a fat lip to people who cut off heads.

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