Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baring the truth

Pity the poor polar bears.
Al Gore, the Prophet of Doom, says they are disappearing. Apparently, he believes that would be a bad thing. I'm sure he mourns the loss of the dinosaurs as well.
But if you Google "polar bear population" you can find a lot of other opinion.
Yes, opinion.
Gore presents it as fact.
But, on one site produced by greens, I found a question posed to "the experts." It cited a report by Fox News that the polar bear population is 4-5 times what it was 50 years ago and asked if it was true.
The greens gave a lengthy response, never denying the figures but saying, in essence, no one knows how many polar bears exist.
If that's true, why present their decline as fact?
Here is another site with a lot of polar bear information. Among other things it debunks the famous photo of polar bears clinging to a piece of ice. Turns out they were in no danger. Actually, they were playing and having a great time, and the ice was melting because it melts every summer in that location.
Add it all up, toss in Climategate and you can understand why things aren't going so well at the love-in greens are having in Copenhagen.

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