Thursday, December 17, 2009

News you can use

How do you know if something is important? Easy, read the Old Media. If it is not there, it probably is important.
So it is with the Tea Party movement.
Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal, while old, is not part of the leftwing Old Media. It reports the news and it notes a new poll that finds the Tea Party movement currently has higher favorability ratings than either the Democratic or Republican parties.
This follows a Rasmussen Poll that found the Tea Party ahead of the Republican Party in a generic three-way ballot matchup.
Yet despite millions of people attending and supporting mass protests this year all across the country, the Old Media have either ignored the movement or denigrated it with lame sex jokes.
What we could be witnessing is the kind of historic transition not seen in 150 years.
Back then, the Whig Party gave way to the Republican Party because the Whigs had lost their way. Today, it is Republicans who have shunned conservative principles in a vain attempt to be more like Democrats. In other words, an echo not a choice.
Will they learn in time or be replaced? We'll see.

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