Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unions are NOT pro-choice

Teacher union bosses have served notice on their politicians that they had better not allow poor children to get a good education in Washington, D.C.
I covered this issue in a piece I wrote for the American Thinker a while back.
Sheryl Blunt, writing in the Weekly Standard, has an update. The board of the non-profit that oversees the successful school choice program has written members of Congess, saying failure to act to reauthorize this program "will send well over 1,000 children to failing and, too often, unsafe schools. That result would, in our view, constitute a moral failing of the highest order on all of our parts."
As Blunt's piece notes, teacher union bosses spent $70 million of their members' money to buy votes and they expect to get their money's worth. Never mind all that nonsense about educating poor kids.

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