Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Harry Christmas

Ah, the arrogance.
Harry Reid and the Democrats are poised to ram a health insurance takeover bill through the Senate tomorrow night, Christmas Eve.
Democrats have abandoned principle, promises, fairness and everything else they claimed to stand for to get this legislation through, because it is the left wing's highest priority.
There are no Republican fingerprints on this bill. To get their own party to vote for it, Democrats engaged in the most shameless vote buying ever seen in Washington, which is to say a lot.
Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska was the last holdout and he got a fabulous payoff in the form of a guarantee that his state won't have to pay the increased cost of Medicaid that goes along with this bill.
Even the newspaper in Lincoln, to its credit, could not stomach this pork dinner. It said, "Since when has Nebraska become synonymous for cynical 'what's in it for me'-type politics?"
In an editorial the paper called the deal "an embodiment of everything that is wrong with Washington."
Sen. Mary Landrieu got the "Louisiana purchase," for $300 million, Sen. Chris Dodd, got $100 million for a hospital, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida got a Medicare exemption. All the senators who got a lump of coal in their stockings now are grumbling.
In addition to all this, the Obama administration and its congressional cohorts brazenly cooked the books to disguise the horrendous cost. Ironically, part of the scam is to pretend that they will raid Medicare for a half-trillion dollars -- after decades of accusing Republicans of wanting to slash Medicare.
Like lemmings going over the cliff, the Democrats in Congress have followed blindly, disregarding the polls, history, common sense and anything else that might deter them.
The cynical bet is that if they can get it passed it won't matter if they lose power because it can never be undone.
The worst is yet to come. When it goes to conference, it probably will get even more costly and more controlling.
This is a juggernaut, led by ruthless people who have no regard for American values.
One ray of hope. If the Senate bill is the final product, the Supreme Court may save America. It is clearly unconstitutional to require Americans to buy insurance, or anything else.

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