Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanks a lot

Nine out of 10 black Americans vote for a Democrat at the polls.
What do they get in return?
Unemployment overall is 10 percent. Black unemployment is 16 percent.
Higher taxes, minimum wage laws, prevailing wage laws and other Democrat policies always result in job losses for black Americans, especially the young.
Now, Democrats in Congress have voted to stop poor black kids from getting out of the worst schools in Washington, D.C., and getting a good education in some of the best schools.
Many black parents who care about their children are outraged. But the Democrats merely were following orders from the teacher union bosses who bankroll them.
For decades, liberal Democrats have pumped money into the public schools -- not to improve education but to inflate the salaries of adults. They have, at the bidding of teacher unions, fought ferociously against any attempt to require competition and accountability, which improve educational achievement.
Probably the worst carnage inflicted on black Americans was welfare, which Democrats put into place in the 1960s. It created a poverty industry that ate up more than $5 trillion and also tore apart millions of black families, causing them to become mired in poverty and go without educations and jobs.
The more educated and prosperous a voter is, the more likely he is to vote Republican.
One could almost conclude there is a conspiracy against black Americans. Especially after reading this.

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