Thursday, December 3, 2009

We need health care reform

America's health care system is ailing. And the main reason is government interference in the free market. We need real reform, not more government interference, which is what the Washington wonks and their media lapdogs are trying to ram down the public throat.
Consumers and small businesses, whose interests usually are linked, are the main victims of the Obamacare scheme.
By any rational assessment it would increase health care costs, yet not improve health care or cover all of those not now insured.
Why do we need reform?
During World War II, the New Dealers had control of a large share of the economy. They instituted wage and price controls. Having forced wages and prices up in the 1930s, prolonging the Depression, in the 1940s they held wages down, forcing employers to offer fringe benefits as a way to get workers. One of those benefits was subsidized health insurance. Because higher income taxes and the new payroll tax were for the first time being withheld from paychecks, this was an enticement.
But the system that grew in response to these incentives eventually resulted in people relying on employers for insurance. If they left the job, they left their insurance. Furthermore, co-pay hid the true costs and thus the incentives to control them.
After all, if someone else paid 80 percent of your grocery bill each week, wouldn't you eat steak more often?
Since the late 1940s, liberals have yearned to go to socialized medicine, giving politicians even more control over people and business. When the most liberal president since FDR was elected, they saw their chance and it is upon us.
Polls show that people are beginning to realize what would happen. Support is eroding rapidly among the under-25 set, which had voted 2-1 for Obama. Conservatives are proposing viable alternatives -- true reform -- such as nationwide health insurance, tort reform and other measures that would not penalize consumers and businesses in the midst of an economic downturn and mounting public debt.
This is reform, and this is what is needed. Not socialism.

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