Saturday, December 12, 2009

Giving til it hurts

Our president says we all must sacrifice, for the common good.
But, with his usual admirable nuance, he is willing to make exceptions.
For example, the number of civil servants earning six figure salaries has increased by -- wait for it -- 46 percent since the recession began.
There are now 383,000 federal employees making more than $100,000. That puts them in the category liberals call "rich" -- when they are gainfully employed in the private sector.
If that sounds high, it is only because it does not include the $41,000 in benefits the average federal employee receives.
Special rules help boost such figures. If Congress, for example, increases the pay for one bureaucrat, it can require automatic pay raises for 2,000 others who are higher in the pecking order.
Most of the jobs being "created or saved" by the Obama stimulus are in the public sector.
For them, sacrifice must wait. For the common good, of course.

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