Thursday, February 3, 2011

You gotta love them libs

Not long ago, a liberal answered my query about what liberalism ever had accomplished with "Social Security" and "the public schools."
Oh boy.
So, liberalism's accomplishments are to create a Ponzi scheme that is near bankruptcy and dragging down the economy with it, and a dreadful system that produces children who can't read and write, even if they are lucky enough to survive the rapes and muggings.
Thank a deity they haven't produced any failures.
To protect these accomplishments they steadfastly oppose any attempt to improve either.
Suggest raising the retirement age and they scream "Republicans want to take away your Social Security"!
When it was enacted, the retirement age was 65. That was about the median age of death, so FDR only intended to "protect" half the population anyway. (Social Security also was NEVER intended to be the sole source of retirement income, but that's another story.)
As in most Ponzi schemes, it did well at first. The first retiree put in $22 and got back more than $20,000. As politicians piled on promises and the average lifespan increased, return on the mythical "investment" declined. Fewer workers were supporting more retirees in this instant payout program.
Pegging the retirement age for future retirees at the average lifespan only would put the program back where it was under the sainted FDR.
Choice and accountability are proven ways to improve the government schools. Teacher unions spend millions to elect liberals who will protect them from this "threat." Since unions took over the schools some four decades ago, educational achievement has nosedived, despite the injection of ever increasing amounts of cash.
If you want to see a deer-in-the-headlights look, ask a liberal, "Exactly how much money will it take to get the schools to do what they did years ago for much less money?"
As for giving poor kids the same option rich liberal kids have -- to attend a private school that would protect and educate them -- fuggedaboudit.
One can see why liberals would consider these to be major accomplishments -- if you were to assume that they wanted to bring this country to its knees.

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