Thursday, February 10, 2011

Confusion reigns in Washington

After a day of predictions Mubarak would step down in Egypt, he didn't.
Meanwhile, a CIA official says our spies warned the White House last year that trouble was coming in Egypt. They just didn't know when it would blow.
So why was the Obama administration so obviously unprepared?
Even now, Obama's defiense intelligence head says, not to worry. The Muslim Brotherhood is a secular benevolent organization. So, presumably, if they wind up in power after Mubarak leaves, there is nothing to worry about?
Not unless you believe the Muslim Brotherhood itself. It was formed and exists today to make shariah law the law of the world, to destroy capitalism and exterminate the Jews.
Is that unclear?
It may say something less threatening on its English Web site, but go to and read the translation of what it is saying in a language Muslims understand.
Muslim Brotherhood leaders already are calling for war against Israel.
Some naive Americans think Egypt will not abrogate its peace treaty and attack Israel because the last time it did so, it was soundly defeated.
This narrow view overlooks important facts. Since that time Egypt's military has been trained by U.S. forces and equipped with U.S. weapons. Furthermore, if it teams with other jihadists, including Iran, Israel could be faced with the fight of its life.
So what?
Well, if extermination of the Jews in Israel does not excite you, consider what would happen next. There would be an united Islamist front dedicated to ending Western civilization.
That means America, and dear liberals, you will not be spared.
Yes, Egypt could have a transition to a democracy that will keep the peace. But the prospects do not look good and the United States does not appear to be doing anything that will enhance those prospects.

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