Friday, February 4, 2011


What is going on in Egypt and elsewhere in the Mideast is a true mystery, for all the wall-to-wall coverage.
I've read a number of opinions as to what will happen, both positive and negative. Some of the sources I consider reliable think there is a shot Egypt will wind up with a viable democracy.
I'm not so sure. The odds seem otherwise.
Mubarak is not a wise and benevolent leader, but throwing him under the bus as the Obama administration is doing does not seem the best course.
Egypt has been getting the second largest check Uncle Sam writes to other nations each year. We own him. While we can't control him entirely, at least we had him by the pursestrings.
We won't own the Muslim Brotherhood, if it winds up in charge. Already it has threatened war with Israel. That is not in the best interest of the United States.
The reason we don't know what is going on and have to operate in the dark is liberalism. For the past 35 years, liberals have fought to cripple our intelligence agencies and they have done a good job. We knew next to nothing about the Iranian revolution, or the situation in Iraq before it was liberated.
We may have better intelligence about Egypt but it is just not for public consumption. The evidence against that, however, is the actions of the White House. It must know what the intelligence agencies know, but it is acting as if it knows no more than the man in the street.
We'll know when it is over.

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