Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is ridiculous

Both sides in Washington are avoiding tackling entitlements because neither wants to go first.
Are you kidding me?
Social Security and Medicare are not sustainable. Even before adding on Obamacare.
It will only get worse as the baby boomers pass 65.
Here's the crazy part. No one is proposing to do harm to anyone collecting the benefits now. But those who don't have them are going to lose them one way or the other. The sooner they start getting trimmed the better it will be for everyone.
Thus, the spineless politicians have a perfect position. They can say, truthfully, we didn't promise you these benefits so don't blame us for reducing them to what we can afford.
You can't have your pie in the sky and eat it, too.
Update: Soon after this was written, Republicans said they would tackle entitlements. News reports credited the freshmen in the GOP, who told the leadership they wanted to go for it, after Obama passed up his chance.
This is the Tea Party talking, and it may be a new day in Washington.

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