Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Invest in this, sucker

While you are hearing all the wailing and despair over "cuts" to education, ponder this:
K-12 public education costs four times as much as it did in 1970, after adjusting for inflation.
But that is just measuing inputs. How has the "investment" paid off? Zero increase in education, measured by test scores.
Meanwhile, test scores are improving in most other countries, which spend far less.
Liberals ignore the facts, and continue to throw money at the problem, as long as taxpayers allow them to do so.
Barack Obama, after saying we must stop spending money on wasteful programs because of the budget deficits he has increased, proposes a huge increase in the budget of the Department of Education, which has no successful programs.
Meanwhile, schools are shutting down in Wisconsin because teachers are protesting in the state capitol and getting fake doctors excuses to shield them from accountability. A number of people who say they are either socialists or communists are supporting the union effort. Why wouldn't they?
The huge increase in spending roughly tracks the rise of the teacher unions, which now virtually run the school systems in many urban districts. They also fight off any attempts at reform, while using the forced union dues to get more big-spending liberal politicians elected.
The governor of Wisconsin is rocking the boat. He promised to do that when he ran and the voters of Wisconsin supported his stand. So it is unions, socialists and communists vs. the people of Wisconsin currently. Other states, including Florida, also are targets of the education elites who are fighting to prevent their empire from toppling.

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