Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everything is OK

Gasoline is $3.13 a gallon.
The national debt is equal to our Gross Domestic Product.
The dollar is a joke throughout the world.
China's military might is increasing rapidly.
Unemployment is (officially) at 9 percent, nearly two years after a recession (officially) ended.
Several cities and states are (unofficially) bankrupt.
Strife and chaos are erupting throughout the Mideast. It could be an eruption of democracy or it could be the start of an Islamic revolution against Western civilization, capitalism, and Christians and Jews.
But, don't worry. President Obama is in charge. He has everything under control, as he promised in 2008.
All of the above is the fault of George W. Bush. Obama may not have it corrected completely by 2012, so he may need four more years to finish the job.
By the end of that time, peace and prosperity will have returned and all will be well.
I have it on good authority from George Soros. He has a slightly different view of the United States than the Founding Fathers, but what did a bunch of dead white guys know?

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