Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Comeback for Britain?

I love the Brits. Both sides of my family came to America from England nearly 500 years ago. Since the unpleasantness of 1776 and another slight misunderstanding in 1812, they have been good friends and allies of Americans. Arguably, they saved the world 70 years ago by repelling Hitler's crazed ambitions.
Inexplicably, the Brits lost their way in the late 1940s and embraced socialism. Predictably, they have been in decline since then.
Among other things socialism weakens the national spirit (Germany was an exception, for several reasons). So Brits have lost pride and patriotism and were convinced they needed "multiculteralism" just as liberal/fascist/socialist/communists/progressives are trying to sell in the United States at the behest of George Soros.
But, first Germany and now England's leaders are calling for a reversal of this trend.
This may not signal a reversal of socialism as well but it certainly will help restore national sanity in a nation that helped give birth to the cause of individual freedom.

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