Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are you kidding?

Shortly after saying in no uncertain terms that Mubarak must step down as head of Egypt "yesterday" the White House now supports an "orderly" transition that could last months.
This is nothing more than a replay of Jimmy Carter, whose helpless thrashing around during the Iranian revolution led to American hostages being held more than a year, and Carter's defeat for re-election.
Furthermore, it has an ironic twist. It was the left, during the 1970s, that led the effort to cripple our intelligence agencies. Today, as a direct result, a liberal president has no clue what is going on in Egypt and was caught completely by surprise when an uprising began.
Talk about being bitten by your own dog.
(Update: Soon after this, the White House said the diplomat who made the statement that Mubarak needs to stay was "speaking on his own." Translation: His career is over, and that trial balloon didn't fly.)

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