Monday, February 8, 2010

Touchdown, Timmy

It is so easy to make fools out of liberals that it is like shooting fish in a barrel.
Tim Tebow's parents let it be known they were going to be in a Super Bowl ad sponsored by Focus on the Family.
Libs went nuts. They assumed it would be an ad suggesting that women choose not kill their babies before the infants are born. This is anathema to the left.
Instead, it was a short, warm message. But it directed the millions of viewers to this link, which is the real Tebow story.
How many more viewers saw the ad because of the left's foaming at the mouth is subject to speculation, but it had to be substantial.
Tebow is a phenomenon. In addition to being one of the greatest football players ever, he is one of the best role models a young person could have. His family made the right decision.

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Anonymous said...

The Tebow Ad or Public Information Statement was not offensive, it was tasteful and good spirited. Tis pity that the yahoos saw it as having to do with abusing his mother by tackling her-that is quite a reach, like forcing women into the Masters. The only problem with Tebow is that he was a Gator and not a NOLE. I like that with him, what you see is what you get.
Thought it very interesting that during the Cinn. game as he was setting a new BCS passing record, all the announcer could talk about was that he would not fit in the NFL.