Wednesday, February 10, 2010

He's got the whole world in his hands

President Obama, expressing shock and surprise that the madman heading Iran does not love him as much as the New York Times does, says he might ask the United Nations to impose sanctions on Iran.
There's a tough, gritty decision. Imagine: it could lead to 19 resolutions over the next few years from the UN "demanding" that Iran stop trying to build a nuclear weapon. By then, Tel Aviv could be a parking lot and al-Qaeda could be stuffing a 2-kiloton device in a suitcase bound for New York.
Obama says he has bent over backwards trying to hold "constructive dialogue" with the nut case. He is dismayed that he failed to charm Iran's leader, who has played Obama like a fiddle.
Liberals already are laying the groundwork for excusing Obama for what happens next, saying that he is "handcuffed" by circumstances.
Some also ask: So what is it our business if Israel is wiped out by Islamofascists?
They secretly hope that Israel will do the job for him by attacking Iran's weapons plants, whereupon they will roundly condemn Israel for "perpetuating the cycle of violence" by not waiting until Israelis are obliterated.
Presumably, John F. Kennedy was perpetuating the cycle of violence by blockading Russian ships delivering weapons to Cuba, and thereby inviting nuclear war.
Perhaps if Obama literally had bowed down to Iran's leader, as he did to a number of heads of state (and also to Tampa's mayor!) he might have gotten compliance.
But at least we know how it is going to end. No matter what happens -- other than Iran standing down -- it will be Bush's fault.

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