Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running out of time

President Nero fiddled for a year while Iran was burning with a desire to exterminate Jews. The result of his "engagement" is that Iran now claims to have the means to fulfill its desire, with nuclear weapons.
But, Barack Obama is prepared to step it up. His next move will be stern talk.
Meanwhile, the potential victims are acting to reduce terrorist threats.
Israel, apparently, managed to assassinate the top official of Hamas.
While some are expecting Israel to do what it did once before -- bomb a nuclear threat to rubble -- it may not have the capability.
Israel does not have B-2 Stealth bombers and bunker-buster bombs that can reach underground nuclear plants.
America does, but will it use them before it is too late for Israel?
The top military official is expressing reservations about using military power against Iran. He seems to favor spy operations such as getting homing devices into Iranian nuclear plant equipment and infecting Iran's computers with viruses.
But that requires an effective spy operation.
That's two abilities Israel has that the United States lacks. It can keep state secrets and it can run a spy operation that works.

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