Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to govern

Follow the new liberal narrative closely.
Their Pravda machine spells it out clearly: "America is ungovernable," the headlines shriek.
It is ungovernable, as they see it, because the stupid masses don't know what is good for them.
Since they are so stupid, the elites plan to ignore them. Rather than following the Constitution and 225 years of precedent, they are going to do as they please.
For example, the takeover of the health care industry. Americans don't want it and it cannot be passed in Congress under normal procedures. So, the left plans to simply pass it into law anyway.
There's an easier way. Why not just name Barack Obama emperor?
Send Congress home and let him rule by decree. He can dismiss the Supreme Court, which a president does not have the authority to do, and name his own to declare all his actions constitutional.
Then, America will be governable again.
I'm waiting for the New York Times editorial proposing this solution.

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