Friday, February 19, 2010

How to succeed in politics

It looked for a while like Charlie Crist was going to cruise into the U.S. Senate.
Then along came Marco Rubio.
Crist hugs President Obama. Rubio says things like this: "America already has a Democrat party, it doesn't need two Democrat parties."
That kind of statement is exactly what dissatisfied conservatives want to hear from Republicans.
Rubio has surged ahead of Crist and could win the seat, leaving Florida with a liberal Democrat and conservative Republican in the Senate.
Although the GOP has momentum, thanks to the disastrous first year of the Obama administration, there is no guarantee it will win back Congress in the fall.
It is still tainted by the less-than-stellar record of the previous GOP majority in Congress and the Bush administration's rep, earned and unearned.
It has to offer a choice, not an echo. To get moderates, Tea Partiers and others needed to stop the slide toward socialism, it has to return to American principles. Like the 1994 movement, it should offer America hope. Like the 1994 Republicans, it should take the country back to a balanced budget and begin trimming the outrageous growth in government and alleviate the concomitant loss of liberty.
That's the winning combination. Rubio was right.

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