Friday, January 22, 2010

War is waged to win, not to please the ACLU

More information is coming out about the court martial of three Navy SEALS but unless there is a lot more to the story, the military could end up looking foolish when it’s over.
In the Washington Times, there is detail about a September raid by a six-man SEAL team in Anbar province, Iraq. They surprised and captured one of the worst terrorists, Ahmed Hashim Abed.
They returned to the base with Abed and, according to the Times, another sailor reported seeing one of the SEALS strike Abed in the stomach during the night.
That SEAL and two others now are charged with assault and lying about the incident.
This might have been avoided had they simply allowed Abed to reach for the gun under his pillow and then filled him with lead. They even could have burned his body, dragged it by the heels to the base and then hanged him. That is what Abed and his gang did to four Americans in 2004.
But they didn't.
Maybe the military is overlooking a few things. Did the SEALS have a warrant to enter the safe house? Was their Humvee outside parked legally? If you are going to punish American warriors for heroic actions, you need to cover all the bases.
There is a more we need to know. If the SEAL did strike Abed, was he attacked first? Performing a Heimlich maneuver? The other three SEALS are refusing to talk unless they are given immunity, the Times said.
More than 100,000 Americans have signed up on Facebook to support the SEALS. They might agree that if he is guilty of hitting a ruthless killer, the SEAL should get an appropriate punishment, such as two weeks leave in Naples.
If the military is going to conduct a politically correct war, they need to strike the colors and bring the troops home instead.

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