Thursday, January 28, 2010

More of the same

A majority of the people in America think the country is on the wrong track, two out of every three Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing and President Obama's job approval is at a record low.
The reason? Well, now we know.
As implied by the president in his State of the Union speech and stated by one of his media cheerleaders, Joe Klein, the reason is that Americans are too stupid to comprehend his greatness!
See Fox News for a fact check on his speech and consider these facts.
He was going to unite America. According to Gallup, he is the most polarizing president ever.
He was going to make the rest of the world love us. After touring the world apologizing for America's presence on the Earth, bowing to other leaders and coddling petty tyrants, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela scorn Obama openly and al-Qaida is working harder than ever to murder Americans.
The economy, which would have recovered by now, is limping along and could relapse anytime because of, not in spite of, trillions of dollars spent by the government with money it does not have.
Obama failed get the Olympics in Chicago and failed to get the world to agree to stop global warming -- even if it had the power to do so.
As for his claim that the health care takeover failed because he failed to explain it well enough, that's just nuts. In the first place, he failed to do it openly and in a bipartisan way as he promised, but he also has had literally hundreds of opportunities to explain it in speeches and press conferences. What kept him from doing it? George Bush?
The real problem is that enough information leaked out that Americans knew they didn't want any part of it. Yet -- and this is the mind-boggling part -- Nancy Pelosi and Company still are determined to pass the boondoggle.
The sooner the fall elections come, the better.

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