Friday, January 1, 2010

How to lose a war

OK. A Nigerian Muslim man gets on a plane in Amsterdam. He pays cash for a one-way ticket and checks no luggage. His father previously had notified authorities that his son had been schmoozing around with terrorists and the youth had been placed on a watch list.
So, they let him on the plane and he tries to blow it up in Detroit.
Flashback: A Marine hero of World War II tries to get on a plane and security personnel find a congressional Medal of Honor. It has a pin -- used by President Roosevelt to affix it to the Marine's uniform -- so they figure it is a weapon. He is detained for hours.
Every terrorist captured or killed to date has been a Muslim male. Not a single one has been a U.S. Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient.
Nevertheless, to even mention that a terrorist is a Muslim is to invite rage from the left, and from suspect organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, so the government studiously avoids the touchy subject.
Furthermore, the terrorist admits he was trained and armed in Yemen by al-Qaida and that other terrorists will follow him, attempting to kill Americans. Rather than waterboarding him to save American lives, he is given a Miranda warning and lawyers up, then clams up.
Flashback again, to 1942. Four Nazis are dropped on Ponte Vedra Beach by a sub, make it to New York and team up with four others to indulge in some sabotage. They are captured and within weeks of their arrival, six are executed.
The Nazis never attempted another sabotage mission. We won World War II. How are we going to win the current war when the current president refuses to even acknowledge that we are at war?

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