Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Here we are less than two weeks into the new year and already the Biggest Understatement of 2010 has been recorded.
According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama has said he has failed to bring the country together.
Obama has done more to tear the country apart than any president before him.
However, this headline from CNN may be accurate: "Muslim activist: Obama has brought us together."
Obama promised to be ethical, transparent, bipartisan and frugal with people's money. He also promised tax cuts although I know of no one -- liberal or conservative -- who believed that one.
Indeed, during the past year he has shown that he is a classical tax-and-spend liberal. The only twist is that he combines it with Chicago-style politics, the lowest form of that art.
He promised that if Congess would spend billions of dollars, unemployment would not top 8 percent. If it did not, unemployment would reach 9 percent. Congress did and today unemployment is 10 percent.
He promised the spending would create 3.5 million jobs. It cost 3.5 million jobs.
He promised health care reform that would lower costs. The plan being formulated behind closed doors would greatly increase costs. He promised health insurance for everyone. The plan does not do that.
As for ethics, read Michell Malkin's book Culture of Corruption.
If he were unifying, his poll numbers would be high and people would be supporting Democrats. Instead, his approval ratings are low and sinking and pundits say Democrats could lose Congress this year.
Quite an achievement.

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