Friday, January 15, 2010

Them old liberals, at it again

The inane Jon Stewart is blasting Rush Limbaugh for "politicizing" the disaster in Haiti.
This follows predictable attempts by the left to misquote Limbaugh.
On his highly popular radio show, Limbaugh said people who wanted to help would get more bang for their buck by contributing to private agencies such as the Red Cross because government efforts usually waste a lot of the money donated.
This was reported by leftist outlets as "Limbaugh tells people not to help Haiti."
Thus, Stewart's attempt at humor.
Hours after Hurricane Katrina, while the Old Media reported unfounded rumors and rampant speculation, leftists were piling criticism on George Bush. Stewart joined in, saying about FEMA Director Michael Brown's resignation, "No word yet on Mr. Brown's future plans, though sources say he does want to spend more time doing nothing for his family."
Who's politicizing what?

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